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Tips For Traveling Without Dizziness

Are you looking for some solution to the dizziness when you go by car, boat or plane? Take a look at these tips to travel without dizziness that will surely help you when you travel.


We all enjoy when we travel, it is a way to relax, to expand our horizons and to live new experiences, but, an annoying companion, always accompanies us, dizziness, whether you suffer or suffer from a loved one.

We have all experienced that annoying feeling of losing the horizon, of feeling like our stomach is ready to lose our last meal. Luckily, there are tips to travel without dizziness, specially designed for each type of trip.

Dizziness in moving vehicles is called motion sickness. It occurs when the information that the central nervous system receives from the direction of sight does not match the information it receives from the middle ear. The acceleration and steering movements of the vehicle do not match the position of our body, the signals that send the ear and the sight and the result is dizziness.

Tips for traveling without dizziness

Traveling by boat is the most beautiful experience that can exist, that feeling of being only a small human before the immensity of the sea is unique. To enjoy this experience without getting dizzy, you must take into account the following

Analyze the type of boat: If a small boat tends to move much more than a large boat. If you are going to travel in a small boat to get ready before following the tips that we will mention later.

Know the route that will follow: Depending on the route to follow, you can find the calmest sea or the most violent sea you can imagine, even in a calm sea and if you are not used to sailing, you will get dizzy.

The zones of the boat where you didn’t get dizzy: A few months ago I lived that experience, I had to work in the engine room of a small boat, I was so dizzy that I could hardly walk or think properly.

In order to cure my dizziness I was put on the ship’s jacket, the highest part of the ship is the one that wobbles less. For some people this can only make them more dizzy when they see the sea, however, for those who do not, it is a true panacea.

DistrĂ¡igase: If all the time you are thinking about the boat, how it moves and the next wave that will hit them will not stop getting dizzy, concentrate on some activity that is entertaining.

Dizziness in cars

Dizziness in cars is common in young children, given the lack of custom they have when using this means of transport and, in children under 2 years of age the lack of development of their central nervous system.

To avoid the dizziness of children should:

Do not allow them to play video games or use the mobile phone, keeping the view fixed at a point while the vehicle moves only increases dizziness.

Give them games, songs or tell stories that distract them.

Ask him to look ahead, toward the horizon.

Get them to ride in the car more often as you approach the day of the trip, that way they will become accustomed to their natural movement.

Dizziness in airplanes

They are very common given the stimulus that the change of pressures exerts on our ears and its movement, to avoid dizziness in the airplanes must:

Do not consume heavy meals before traveling.

Do not consume alcohol.

Select a suitable seat: The seats next to the wings, towards the front of the plane and next to the windows are the best. The mentioned locations are the ones that move the least during the trip and sitting next to a window will allow you to concentrate on a fixed object on the horizon. This reassures the brain and restores balance.

Adjust ventilation ducts to allow fresh air to touch your face.

Breathe slowly and slowly.

If you feel very dizzy it is best to get up, that way your body will find its balance quickly.

If you are next to another dizzy person request that you change the seat.

Consume cold drinks, it is highly recommended to consume ginger ale, contains ginger and will counteract dizziness and nausea.

How to control dizziness?

There are many tips to control dizziness that are valid for all means of transportation such as buses, balloons, boats, vehicles and airplanes:

Do not look at the movement

It is a question of avoiding to fix the eyes on moving objects, that is to say, do not look at the trees in the way or other vehicles, it fixes the view to the front.

In airplanes you notice fixed points on the horizon that do not move.

In boats this technique can be complicated, so it is best to fix the view to some point far from the sea.

Do not stare at objects in front of your face

Do not read books, use your mobile phone or a laptop during the trip, this can cause dizziness and nausea because you will be forcing your eyesight, in addition, you will adopt bad postures or the background behind your entertainment object may be in motion.

Keep calm

Enjoy the trip, does not stress or feel nervous, this causes a series of adverse reactions in your body that can cause severe discomfort.

What can I drink?

Consume ginger tea, ginger ale or ginger candies, this root has natural properties that reduce dizziness.

You can take some over-the-counter medications for dizziness, they are very effective in preventing dizziness and nausea.

Do not smoke

And away from people who do, the substances present in the cigarette increase nausea.

Eat before you travel

It may seem counterproductive, but it is not, an empty stomach is affected by gastric juices, causing heartburn, irritation and pain, these symptoms cause discomfort and nausea. You should eat light and low fat foods, avoid spicy foods or cause a reaction like acidity.

Do not consume excess food and try to drink water as much as possible, not stimulants such as alcohol, coffee or tea. You can take infusions like chamomile, grapefruit and ginger.

Open the windows or look for fresh air

The fresh air on your face reduces the feeling of embarrassment, dry the cold sweat and allows you to relax.

When I was aboard the ship my little corner of peace in the engine room was just under a big fan, so yeah, this technique works.

Crackers or soda

Bring salty crackers with you, the baking soda they contain absorbs the excess acid from the stomach, relieving any discomfort you may feel.


Hold your head up, bending your neck can increase the feeling of dizziness by compressing the veins and arteries of the neck. Keep your eyes on the front facing a fixed point.


It is a technique derived from acupuncture and is very effective for dizziness as it will balance your energies. To find the cure for dizziness you should only press on your wrists a point located three centimeters below your palm with the thumb of the opposite hand.

You can also buy special bracelets that push that area. They are in Chinese stores.

I hope that with these tips to travel without dizziness you can enjoy your travels with fullness. The secret to overcoming dizziness is to desensitize the body, that is, you must travel very frequently. Concentrate on how much you will enjoy traveling and dizziness and discomfort will pass into the background

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