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Tips For Running A Marathon

Do you want to run a marathon and get fit at the same time? With these recommendations, tips and tips for running a marathon you may come to achieve that little dream of being a fitness person.

A Marathon

Every era has had a type of tendency, each one has represented a radical change with respect to its predecessor. Thus, we find trends in music, liberal thinking, fashion. Today, the tendency is to be healthy.

Tips and tips for running a marathon

Even so, there is no better way to be healthier than going out and doing sports in the traditional way.

You can go to the gym, or sign up for the local football selection, or just go with your friends to play basketball on the nearest court. But if you want to practice a sport that tests your resistance, you can choose to run marathons.

Maybe you see it as intimidating, but to help you get started in this world, I’ve brought you the following tips for running a marathon.

Pay attention to your food

If you want to enter the world of sport, and more importantly, if you want to start in marathons, you must be aware of having to leave certain habits aside and concentrate on those who bring you benefits. If you think eating at fast food restaurants is a good way to finish your workout, rest assured you will not get very far.

To be a good marathon runner. If you ingest fats from junk food, your energy will be diminished, and your performance will fall quickly. I recommend that you add a lot of fruits and green vegetables, as these contribute a lot of energy. It also consumes protein, and forget about going to McDonald’s for a very long time.

Set goals

Goals are a fundamental part of life. If you are not clear about your goals, then you do not have a way to go. You simply go to mowing, trying that someday, perhaps, by chance, of fate, you can get somewhere. But, not having a well defined path, is the reason why, many give up and are resentful for not having achieved anything.

To be a marathoner, not only strength and determination are enough.

While these aspects are important, even decisive. Having an organization that allows you to progressively evolve is an important point to improve your skills. Set schedules, not only for your training, but to eat and even sleep. With this you will notice a considerable improvement in a very short time.


Training is the most fundamental part of a marathon runner. You can not wait to just get up one day and say “I WANT TO RUN A MARATHON” because, if it were so simple, then we would all be able to do it. You must train for a long time to develop the resistance you need to start being a good marathon runner.

Experts in this discipline have very different opinions. Some suggest that the minimum training time is four months, others think it is best to be training for at least eight months. But the best thing you can do is evaluating your own performance. If you feel really prepared for the next event, then go for it.

But keep in mind that training for a marathon is not just about running until the body cannot do it anymore. As this discipline requires a superhuman performance of the body, it is added to races, workouts with weights, as well as swimming practices. This seeks to prepare the body to be more resilient, and with it may be able to endure the long journey that represents the marathon.

Go to the doctor

The marathon is an event in which you must travel very long distances, so that your body will be seriously affected. If you are a person who is just entering this world, you do not want to become the ready, much less the brave. If you do not pay attention to what you do, and if you do not concentrate on doing well, then you will end up very badly.

But to be sure that you are in the best conditions, try to visit your doctor regularly. Tell him that you are under a rigorous training to be a marathon runner. This way, it will give you recommendations and advice that will be very helpful to you. In addition, a regular review helps to rule out any potential injury.

Wear the right shoes

All sports need some kind of equipment. The team for a marathon runner can be split in two. Clothing and footwear. The latter is of more relevance. Imagine running several miles with sneakers that were not made for that purpose. That is why you should go to the sports stores, where you can find the ones that best suit your needs. But you also have to keep in mind if they study the footsteps, since in this way you can find the perfect footwear for you.

Other tricks and tips for running a marathon

Amazing! Look how far you’ve come, it’s time to go to the competitions. You’re probably very nervous. But neglect, if you have had these tips in mind to run a marathon, rest assured that you will do very well. Even so, there are certain things that you must keep in mind when going to a competitor.

Start your day as if it were any other training day. Do not change anything. Eat your breakfast the same, go for your team, and go out to the street. This will help you to become aware of yourself.

Nerves always become present in these types of events. Before you begin, you can take some chewing gum. This will drain the anxiety a little.

Do everything as you have done in training. Do not be intimidated by the competition. Do not overdo it, you end up injured.

Your equipment does not have to be new. Actually, it should be the same that you use to train, but the tired should not be so worn. This will make you mentally make everything the same as in your training.

The marathon is a sport known for many ages. It is certainly a sport in which too much is demanded by the body. It is for this reason that only certain people, especially the lovers of this type of sport, are those who come to practice them. But, although it seems intimidating, the truth is that anyone can become a marathon runner, with these tips to run a marathon you will be much easier as long as you have passion, determination and determination.

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