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Nutrition Tips For Pregnant Women

Do you want to have a baby or are you pregnant but do not know how to feed? With these nutrition tips for pregnant women, these problems are over.

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Women have a very important role in the present age. While in the old days women stayed at home doing household chores and looked after infants.

Just as they satisfied the needs of their peers, things have changed radically in these times.

It is easy to find women with careers, focused on reaching relevant positions in society, but despite all the success they can reap in the labor market, there are also those who decide to be mothers.

And is that knowing that you live inside, is somewhat surreal, but at the same time exciting. Being in the sweet waiting is something wonderful, and at the same time delicate. If something is done improperly at this point, the consequences can be disastrous for both the baby and the mother.

For a woman who aspires to be a mother to achieve her goal, she must eat what she really needs, and in turn, completely avoid anything that could harm her baby, or even herself.

Nutrition tips and tips for pregnant women

Food is very important in a pregnancy, and for nothing the world should be taken lightly. If you are currently expecting to be a mother, do not stop to read some tips for good nutrition that can help you avoid certain concerns.

Prepare your body for pregnancy

When the woman is pregnant, her body comes up with a variety of changes. It will require a greater amount of calories as well as an ample amount of nutrients for the pregnancy to be successful. All these physical changes can seriously affect the mother, or the baby herself if she is not sufficiently prepared.

If you want to have a successful pregnancy, it is best to plan it, this way you can begin to prepare your body.

You can start getting fit by doing exercise, but the most important thing about this point is to lead a healthy and balanced diet. If you are accustomed to fast food, snacks, or sweets, I assure you that your pregnancy could be affected.

Do not overdo it

The body of the female, at the beginning of the gestation is a baby, tends to require even more calories. There are those who think that by having a living being in the interior, the mother must eat even more food, hence the phrase “NOW I AM EATING FOR TWO”. This type of thinking is propitiated by an erroneous popular belief, can not be more wrong.

It is clear that women will consume more energy, but this is only evidence that the mother must adapt her diet to a diet of better quality, and not necessarily more.

At this point, much more attention should be paid to the consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables such as chard, lettuce, or spinach.

Of course, we must also bear in mind that products of animal origin are also of great importance, as they are a great source of iron, mega 3, iodine and calcium.


It is best to have a balanced diet where the consumption of the most appropriate foods is prioritized. Avoid consumption of saturated fats, otherwise obesity will be present, and this would badly affect the gestation process.

Eat several times a day

There are pregnancy effects that can become a problem due to the discomfort they cause. The stomach of a pregnant woman becomes very delicate during this process in which stomach acidity and heaviness are present. Many women, in order to combat these problems, will begin to ingest infusions or self-medication, although it is not the best idea.

It may seem a bit absurd. But if you want to combat these side effects of pregnancy, I recommend that you eat more times a day, but in little amounts.

It is preferable that you eat five or six times during the day with small portions, instead of eating 3 times during the day, but in large quantities. Your body, and your son will thank you.

Foods to Avoid While Being Pregnant

There is no doubt that eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life, but you must always be careful when choosing to incorporate our body.

Let’s not forget the phrase “you are what you eat” that for many may mean very little. But when we think that a lot of the fats, nutrients and minerals that make up these foods are absorbed by our body. Then our perspective changes steadily.

If a woman who is not in the sweet waiting should pay attention to everything she eats, imagine a pregnant woman.

Here we must bear in mind that, the feeding will not only affect the mother. It affects the entire gestation process of the baby. So, it is advisable to check with your head measure what foods you should give priority to, and in turn those you should avoid.


In general terms, you should pay attention to at least:

The egg:

The egg is an excellent food, recommended for all ages and people. But if you do not cook properly, you run the risk of getting salmonella.

The ham:

This delicious food has been strongly criticized by the community as to whether it is good or harmful to pregnancy, due to the risk of toxoplasmosis.

Recently it has been said that if it is allowed to cure for at least a year or more, it is safe for the pregnant woman to consume.


Despite the great benefits of fish to the mother and the baby during gestation care must be taken to avoid the consumption of raw fish such as sushi, as well as emperor and red tuna.

The alcohol

Juicy drinks or spirits are preferred in meetings of friends and militias, as well as in festivities. Nowadays, any excuse to consume alcohol in any of its presentations is sought, because it cheers the party, relaxes the body, also the mind and for that reason excesses are very common.

But, when you start breeding a baby inside, you should limit the consumption of any type of alcohol to zero. And I do not just say that during pregnancy you should avoid it at all costs. But this period extends until after giving birth. You must remember that, during the lactation period, the baby feeds on the milk produced by your body.

As every woman is different and you do not know how it affects you, or your baby, it is advisable to leave your consumption aside.

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You have entered a very beautiful stage of life, one where responsibility increases, and at the same time you glimpse the future of that little person you carry inside.

Taking care of your baby is important, because he deserves to come to this world and enjoy life in the same way that you have. For that reason, you must be very careful with your body throughout the gestation process. Next these nutrition tips for pregnant women are sure to have no problems.

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