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Tips for doing yoga at home

Do you want to learn how doing yoga? Do not keep looking, here are some simple tips to do yoga at home with which you will learn very easily.

doing yoga at home

Today we all live an accelerated life that leaves us very tired, very stressed, and disconnects us from ourselves, our environment, and prevents us from reconnecting with nature.

Unfortunately, neither parents nor teachers at school teach you how to handle such situations. In particular, because they themselves are part of this self-destructive cycle, and they were not taught how  doing it. But of course, there are exceptions.

As a  society accelerates more and more, it is necessary to find alternatives to be able to relax and order thoughts. You can, for example, go to a spa, where you will be offered a wide range of relaxing therapies. Once you get out of there, you’ll feel like new. But still, something very important is missing. Reconnect with your inner self, and mother nature.

You can go to isolated areas, and take a break, but maybe this is a lot of problems for you, you cannot do it every time you want, but there is an excellent option that comes from the east.

Yoga is a philosophy that is complemented by postures, dedicated to relax. They help you to be aware of your inner self, and also, let your spirit feel the mother earth again.

Nowadays this practice has become so popular that it is difficult not to find teachers dedicated to teaching it in big cities. But imagine coming home from work, exhausted, wanting to practice yoga, but your strength does not reach you to leave your home and go to take a class. Well, thinking about it, we have brought you some practical tips and tips for doing yoga at home, do not miss it!

Practical tips and tips for doing yoga at home

One gets to think that to do yoga, you need to have certain types of facilities. It requires excellent lighting and other additions, but the point is that this is totally away from reality.

To locate the best place, you only have to consider the size of the mat. Usually you will not need more space than just that.

You should also be careful that there are no objects that you can throw on the ground.


To do yoga is not necessary to have a teacher. There is an enormous amount of information in books, magazines, the Internet. You can even find TV programs where they perform yoga routines, which you can use for your own private session.

You can also use that information to develop your own focused routine for a specific purpose.

Know yourself

If you already decided to do yoga at home, located the best place, and you started with the most difficult postures and require a high level of elasticity, then you are going the wrong way.

You must be careful not to injure yourself, so be aware of both your abilities and your limitations. Starting with advanced positions can cost a quick exit to emergencies.

It is best to start gradually, and as you adapt to the exercises, then perform the more difficult.

Do what you want

If you have paid sessions and want to practice at home, do not start practicing those more difficult positions to master them faster.

Home sessions are for doing whatever you want and you feel like it. You can do a simple, simple routine, a few minutes in length, or maybe a few hours.

Practice what you think appropriate, always according to your needs, after all, you are in your own home.


Many people refrain from practicing at home, because they think they need a teacher, or at home, they will not get the same results as in a paid session, and even for fear of doing something wrong and getting hurt. If this is your case, then I recommend you do not complicate much. Fears are present in almost everything in our life. Fear helps us to be safe, but to do much of it can lock us into an area of ​​comfort that we cannot easily leave, so we deprive ourselves of enjoying the benefits of such a practice.

To overcome them you should only focus on the reasons why you are doing it. Make a list of pros and cons, where you identify all the benefits of practicing yoga, and where you also list all the consequences of not practicing it.

Also, document yourself well, solve your doubts, get out of that ignorance, because she is the real producer of fear.

What do you need?

Do not think you require a lot of things to have your own personalized yoga session. This discipline is characterized by being adapted and minimalist. Just have some essential things like a yoga mat, an appropriate place to run your practice, your custom routine, and of course, silence. Those are the key components of good practice.

Develop a routine

Choose how often your practices will be. Once you manage to define your session schedule, you just have to get used to it. It is said that if you repeatedly do one thing for at least 21 days, this will remain in your memory and become a habit. That’s what you should look for.

For this I also suggest that you start with the positions that you like best.

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It is well known that if things become difficult, or even painful, the body itself will begin to reject it. That is why to begin with, you should focus on the easiest, but bearing in mind that you will gradually advance in positions.

Move on

A yoga practice can not be rigid. It tends to make movement in a few directions, which is not bad, but if you add a greater variety, the benefits will be even greater.

That is why experts and teachers recommend adding to your yoga routine, exercises with which you can move the body in all directions, and thus have a more complete practice.

If constant

We know that day to day is very hard for everyone. When we get to our house we just want to lie in bed. Let our brains consume watching TV or “relax” knowing the latest gossip in social networks.

But you should not let yourself be carried away by those negative thoughts that did not bring you anything good. Sign with your miso. Make affirmations that can be repeated aloud on the way home, everything to keep you motivated and able to develop your routine with greater energy and enthusiasm.

Be conscious

The routine can consume you. If you want to do the routine just by doing it, letting your body do all the work while you have your mind elsewhere, the result will not be really good.

To get all the benefits practiced, you must be aware at all times of each movement and of breathing. Otherwise, your mind will continue to revolve around daily affairs, and therefore, that stress will not disappear.

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As you can realize, getting exhausted him, and having little time, is no excuse to lead a sedentary life. You can do yoga at home, and enjoy the huge amount of benefits that this millenare practice offers you, at very low cost, and with the duration that you think convenient, because the important thing is that you do it with desire, and not in a mechanical way .

For your session to have the effect you want you should only follow these tips to do yoga at home and you will get excellent results.

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