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Tips For Hangover

Do you usually have a hard time when you’re hung over? Look at these tips, with some recommendations and tips for the hangover soon you will know what you must do to not have so bad because of the drink.


The parties are social events where people live with friends. Take advantage to look for couples, or just to relax and get rid of the stress of the week.

Liquor and all kinds of alcoholic beverages have been present in most of the social events. But he is not who we are going to talk about, but about his conflicting companion, the hangover.

And it is that the day after the enjoyment, we are faced with an unease with which our ancestors have fought for centuries

But this time we bring you the following tips for the hangover. Put them to the test and check the results, considering all this, you will find yourself better after each “party”.

Why should we pay special attention to reducing this problem?

Tips and tips for the hangover

Do not drink coffee when you are under a hangover, what your body is telling you is that you need to rest.

Coffee is a stimulant that has been used as a home remedy for a long time, but the truth that has an effect on the stomach, which can influence to end much worse.

Acetaminophen no, Ibuprofen yes

For the headache we usually look for an aspirin in the medicine cabinet, but if you do not read carefully the components of this, it can be fatal for you.

Avoid taking paracetamol when you have a hangover, as it must be processed by the liver, and this can lead to bad consequences.

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For these cases you better opt for ibuprofen.

Zero fat

Another widespread myth is eating heavy or greasy food, such as pizza, hamburgers.

But when you have a hangover, your liver needs rest, so you should avoid this type of food.

In such case, you can cook stews, roasts, or steam, as this would separate the liver from the digestion process.

Fruits and vegetables

Green vegetables help to clear the liver, so you should consume them without reproaches. Examples are spinach, broccoli, artichoke, endive, among others.

The fruit is also recommended for this type of situation, especially the juicier.

If you have fruit compote, it will help you a lot, since the liver does not need to process it.


When you ingest large amounts of alcohol, your body dehydrates drastically, even experts have said that this is the reason why headaches start in the hangover.

Drink plenty of fluids, especially tea and fruit juices, and fruit and vegetable combinations.

The final cure for the day after the party does not exist, but with these tips for the hangover, you will soon feel able to embark on your next journey.

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