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Tips For Healthy Hair

With these simple tips for healthy hair you will be calmer, you will know the fundamental thing to have and to look for a really healthy hair.

 Healthy Hair

Having healthy hair is a great challenge, there are many factors that can damage your hair easily.

In addition, the current levels of pollution in the environment, the relentless rays of the sun, the iron, the dryer, even dye your hair very often will not help you at all.

Healthy hair is one that you take care of with good habits, which you keep strong, shiny, free of fat and dandruff.

In the following article we offer you a series of tips with which you can keep your hair healthy.

Put them into practice and check the results!

Tips and Tips for Healthy Hair

That your hair generates a natural shine is something that denotes how well cared and healthy it is.

But for this to be a reality you must take into account some things like the following ones.

Properly use the conditioner

Keep in mind that there is one type of conditioner for each hair.

Use the one that suits your needs. Do not use it very often, if you do not want to achieve the opposite effect.

Be careful with the Shampoo

If you wash your hair regularly, you remove the natural oils from your hair, so it will look more opaque.

Try to use a Sulfate-free Shampoo to avoid having your hair mistreated.

Greasy hair

Excess fat is harmful to your hair, which also reflects a very bad impression on your personal hygiene.

But we must clarify one thing.

Excess grease in the hair not only depends on improper washing.

It also depends on the genetic and hormonal factors of each person, so depending on your situation, the following factors to have healthy oily hair may vary.

Beware of the heat

In the hottest seasons of the year, the scalp tends to perspire, which releases more fat.

You can help by wearing cloths or hats to avoid it.


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But in addition to the sun, dryers, irons and even hot showers are sources of heat that will achieve the same effect.

If you want to have fat free hair, try to bathe with warm water, and wait for your hair to dry without help from dryers or irons.

Birth control pills

The moment you start taking birth control, a big hormonal change begins in your body.

In these cases you can stop taking them, but if you can not afford it, consult your doctor, perhaps you can indicate any one that causes less hormonal impact in your body.

Hair without dandruff

Dandruff is caused by the abuse of products such as shampoo and dyes, as well as by excessive tiredness, stress and even poor general health.

There are a variety of products to combat dandruff, but most of them cause root damage.

To minimize your dandruff problem do the following:

Clean your hair

Keep your hair free of dandruff by brushing while you are leaning forward.

This will not only eliminate large numbers of dead cells, but also promote circulation and eliminate any type of desquamation.

Massages to the scalp

With this helps circulation in the area, eliminate dead tissue, and also encourage hair growth.

Do it before or after brushing your hair.

Strong hair

A weak hair, tends to fall, and will not look like so much craving.

There are many factors that directly or indirectly influence hair strength, but the most important are:


Although it seems incredible, keeping your body hydrated directly influences the strength of your hair.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, and you will notice how this directly influences your hair.

The vitamins

Vitamins influence many of your basic biological processes as well as hair production.

Vitamin A helps your scalp, vitamin B gives greater strength to the hair, and vitamin E gives it more glow and encourages its growth.

Remember to follow these tips for healthy hair and thus to wear a beautiful hair that everyone will envy.

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