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Choosing the Right Care Option for Your Elderly Parents

Elderly Parents

Choosing the right care option for your loved one is not an easy process. If you have an ill or elderly relative, at times it may be difficult to take care of them as you concentrate on your work. For this reason, you need help from a professional caregiver. You can choose to hire a live-in caregiver or seek help from a reliable care facility in your area. There are circumstances when you can need to hire a live-in care agency rather than a live-in carer.

There are hundreds of home-care providers in the UK offering live-in care for the ill or elderly. However, we want to give the best care to our loved ones by choosing the best option. Here are some of the factors that may determine the right live in care.

Assess the needs

What are your loved one’s needs? Choose an in-home care provider that addresses the basic needs. If your loved one is on medication, choose a provider with professional nurses. For ailing relatives, choose a provider with the required health facilities and personnel trained to cater to your relative’s health condition. Usually, caregiver agencies will provide you with information and advice on how best they will handle your family member.

Agency’s reputation

Many people hire caregivers directly. This, however, means that you are the sole employer of the caregiver. You are tasked to assess their certification, meet their daily needs and play the oversight role. Adding these roles to your daily schedule may be a huge burden. The most convenient option is to choose reputable live in care agencies. This will be ideal, as you will be seeking help from the agency rather than being an employer.

Do you know of a reputable caregiver agency in your area? You can ask friends and colleagues about their experiences with caregiver agencies. A reputable agency should have positive reviews from past clients. It is also advisable to choose an agency within your local area.

Assess qualifications of caregivers

An ideal caregiver agency should hire skilled and licenced caregivers. Enquire about the training and qualifications of caregivers. Skills in First Aid and other related medical courses should provide you with peace of mind. These are basic skills that guarantee good care for your loved one.

Agency’s certification

Is the agency licenced? Choose an agency that is licenced and regulated by the law. A legitimate and monitored caregiver agency guarantees the best elderly care services.

Finally, make sure that you discuss the cost of services. It is affordable to have your loved one looked after by a caregiver agency compared to hiring an in-home caregiver directly. Your ill or elderly parent will enjoy full-time care and a timely response, as there are several caregivers in the agency.




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