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Are HCG Drops Safe? Finding The Truth Behind HCG Diets


When it comes to losing weight fast and easily, we seldom come across any method that is effective as well as safe. The HCG diet works like a charm. It facilitates massive weight loss within a short time. However, there are concerns about the safety of the diet plan, and quite understandably so. The major reasons behind the fear and apprehension are the lack of knowledge and awareness about what is HCG, how the diet works and a plethora of misinformation being fed via various media. It becomes increasingly difficult to filter the right information from the wrong ones and thus causes further confusion and fear. Today we will search for the truth behind the HCG diets. We will see what HCG drops do and how it works and if it is indeed safe to follow the HCG diet and what are the probable risks involved.

What is HCG diet?

HCG is the abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is a type of pregnancy-related hormone. This before we move into the details of the HCG diet, we need to know the function of the HCG hormone. The HCG hormone is produced naturally by the pregnant mother and is helpful in maintaining the body metabolism level and allows the body to gain necessary nutrition for growth. At the time of pregnancy, the mother is actually consuming food for two, herself and the baby in the womb. It is possible that the mother will feel excessively hungry and consume more food than usual since a part of the nutrition from the food is being passed on to the baby in the womb. This will lead to obesity. However, it is the HCG hormone that prevents that from happening. This hormone reduces the craving for food and regulated metabolism in the body, thereby keeping the body in a healthy shape. It also provides the necessary nutrition to the fetus for healthy growth.

When a person is adopting the HCG diet, the HCG drops are used along with maintaining very low-calorie diet (VLCD). But, what HCG drops do? It plays the most important role in the diet. When the person taking up this diet cuts down the calorie consumption, starting at lower than 500 calories in a day, the challenge is to ensure that the body does not starve and receives the necessary nutrition for various activities and also providing the nutrition to maintain growth. The HCG drops make this possible since it contains the HCG hormones, the same one that makes it possible for the mother to keep healthy even with lower calorie available for her during pregnancy. Anyone taking up the HCG diet will have to sustain only on the HCG diet approved food items and diet plan. This can be quite difficult without the help of the HCG hormones. The hormones reduce the craving for food and make the body and mind feel that the food consumed is enough. It also provides the energy boost to keep the body functioning and preventing breaking down of the metabolism of the body.

How does HCG diet work?

Ass mentioned above, an extremely low-calorie diet is followed along with regular intake of the HCG hormones in the form of HCG diet drops. This makes the body need more calories and thus the fat stored in the body is burnt to gather the deficit calories. It is essentially making the body work out on its own without taking it on the painful road of starvation, which is extremely harmful to the body. The calorie intake is regulated and changed as the diet progresses and finally, the intake of HCG diet drops is stopped while restricting the calorie intake at a healthy level. It also conditions the body and mind not to feel hungry and sustain on only the necessary amount of food as per the lifestyle of a person.

Are HCG drops safe?

We now reach the big question. Are HCG drops safe? Prescription HCG drops contain only natural HCG hormones that are diluted with some amount of water. The drops do not contain any type of surplus items or fillers. Thus, there is practically no chance of any negative effect unless a person strays away from the prescribed dosage. It is important that you buy the prescription HCG drops only from the genuine manufacturers so as not to cause any harm to the body. There are homeopathic HCG drops available as well. Homeopathic drops are in higher diluted form and might contain some filler. But, generally, there is no side-effect of the homeopathic drop. Moreover, it is often said that the homeopathic HCG drops are not as potent as the prescription HCG diet drops. Though there are those who swear by the effectiveness of the homeopathic drops.

Precautions to be taken while on HCG diet

While the diet is safe and effective and can be easily followed, there are a few things that need to be considered. Like any other treatment, even the HCG diet comes with some precautions and might cause issues if not done properly.

  • Always consult a dietician before adopting HCG diets. It is preferable to consult a dietician who knows about the HCG diet plan. It is important to maintain the perfect level of food consumption as well as know how much HCG diet drops are to be administered. This information is provided by a genuine dietician and thus it is imperative that you consult a dietician before beginning the diet.
  • Always get genuine prescription HCG diet drops. Do not fall for any misleading advertisement and only buy the real HCG diet drops.
  • Do not skip taking the HCG diet drop at any cost. Remember, you are providing your body extremely low calories and suppressing the urge to have more food using the HCG drops. Never miss out on this.
  • HCG diet isn’t for a lifetime. You will have to complete the diet plan and then stop. Only stick to a healthy diet so as not to gain weight.

With necessary precautions, HCG diet drops are perfectly safe.

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