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5 Essential Fall Fitness Tips to Keep You in Shape

fall fitness

The weather is changing, the leaves are everywhere, Halloween is nearing and it’s clear –the fall has arrived! The vast majority of people are starting their new workout regimens exactly at this time of the year. They like to establish good habits now after all the vacationing and shape up for the upcoming year. It is important to have a good-looking body all year long, not just during the summer. If you too are starting your fitness journey now (or you’re just continuing it), take a look at five essential tips that will keep you in shape this fall!

Embrace the weather

Just because those sunny days are over that doesn’t have to mean you now need to sit at home or stick to the gym all the time. Embrace fall. It is beautiful in so many ways. The air is crisp, foliage is something else and you’ll appreciate cooler temperatures for a change. Bring out your bicycle or buy a new pair of running shoes. Park trails are awesome during this season due to new scenery full of brown and amber colors. Cardio workouts have never been so magical. If you happen to live near a beach, go out and play some beach volley or throw a Frisbee around. The beach is most likely less crowded and you’ll have tons of fun while not having to deal with others waiting in line to play.

Take this season to your advantage

season fitness

Investing in new tights, shoes, tops and equipment and starting a workout regimen now isn’t the same as doing this during some other season. How? Well, getting into shape this moment is a really good idea because of the winter period. Human body needs somewhere around a month to adapt to a new training regime and starting a new regime now will allow you to get accustomed to training before the winter period (and cold weather). Ultimately, this means that there is a higher probability that you’ll stick to the new regime throughout winter. Also, doing this is so hard for the vast majority due to all the winter holidays and junk food that goes along with it.

Take special care of your habits

Shaping up isn’t all about the workouts and what exercises you do; shaping up also depends on your habits. It is worth mentioning that during this season all TV shows make a comeback exactly because of the fact that people tend to become coach potatoes. And who can blame them, really? With all those great Netlfix shows and tasty snacks it is hard to balance leisure time between binge-watching TV shows and exercising. That’s why you need to pay special attention to your habits. Don’t let the overall lethargic spirit of this season take you. Keep moving and do not overindulge in food.

Say no to comfort foods

healthy food

With the temperature drop come the comfort fall foods. There is pecan pie, apple crisp, mashed potatoes, turkey stuffing and creamy soup. Oh dear, who could say no to that? You! You have to keep away from high-calorie comfort foods as much as you can. Stick to a healthy diet, eat clean and ignore the seasonal special dishes. If you think that there are no diet recipes made for people that want to shape up now (such as yourself), just get online and start looking. You’ll be amazed.

Fight darkness

It is common knowledge that fall brings along darkness with itself. And some people really rely heavily on light throughout the day. Without enough light, some become depressed and lose their will to do anything. That’s why you need to fight this. Again, the best way to combat this issue is to go out. Include some outdoor workouts to your schedule. Even if they only consist of jogging and hiking. Remember to leave the house and take in as much light as possible. It’s the psychological side of things and it matters. If your spirits aren’t high, there is a small chance that you’ll be willing to sweat it out and perform well both in the gym and outside of it.


Some may say that all the seasons have their perks and shortcomings and that is true to some extent. However, you can do something to make sure that this fall becomes special and beneficial to you. Take advantage of it and shape up. These tips will definitely help with it. Now, it’s your turn to make a decision!

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