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4 Tips: Finding the Right Nike Running Shoes for You


It can be difficult to find the right types of footwear. Whether you are looking for the best women’s running trainers, awesome soccer shoes for your child, or comfortable cheap Nike shoes for every day, there are some key tips to choosing the right shoe for you. Avoid purchasing the wrong sneaker. Here are some professional shoe-buying tips.

Sizing Up Your Foot

Before purchasing your sneakers, think about when your feet are the biggest – the time of day when you are running. It might seem simple, but if you typically run at night, then your feet will naturally swell and actually be larger than in the morning. What does this mean? When you size your foot, size them at the time of day that you run. This might mean that you try on your running shoes at night, after a long run. Because your feet are bigger at that time, you will buy the right size. Avoid blisters and pain with this easy tip.

Know Your Gait

You can find out your gait with a simple test. Go out to a beach or somewhere that has soft sand. Run barefoot. Check out your running patterns. Do you see your entire foot? Then you have flat feet. If you only see part of the foot, you might have a high arch, have over pronation (an inward-rolling motion), or other issues. Some shoe stores now have helpful machines that will tell you about your arch. Speak with your trainer, medical professional, or a shoe retail professional about your idiosyncrasies. This will help you purchase a Nike that has the right support, cushion, and stability for your unique feet.

Comfort Over Cost

Too many times runners will purchase the cheaper no-name shoe over a high quality brand like Nike. The problem? Nike has advanced sneaker technology designed to provide maximum comfort and stability for every athlete. The Nike sneaker has a proven track record. It lasts through use, provide comfort and stability, and protects your foot. A cheap sneaker will not do this. It might cost half as much, but you will find that your feet suffer. In the long term a poorly made shoe can cause permanent foot injury that requires physical therapy and downtime. Instead, opt for superior Nike shoes.

Fitness Over Fashion

Sure, you might really, REALLY want the Nike Air VaporMax Flynit 2 sneaker or the Women’s Nike Air max 97 SE Tartans but if it is not in your size, then you need to find a different shoe. If you are prone to issues like a flat foot or even health problems like diabetes, opt for the shoe that is best for your overall foot health. Fortunately, almost every Nike shoe lines has an extensive choice in regards to colors and styles. Find the perfect Nike shoe that is right for the totally unique you!

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