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When should you worry about your back pain?

Back pain is associated with hard work. Normally, we suffer back pain after hard work or when we put lots of pressure on the spine. It can occur from heavy lifting or abrupt physical movement. Most of the time, it is just simple muscle pulling and it gets cured without any intervention. It usually does not need a medical appointment. Over-the-counter topical cream or just a day off would do magic. However, this is not the same for all kinds of back pain.


Persistence back pain can be an indication of some other critical disease. If it remains untreated they can create a serious medical condition in the patient. For these types of back pain, you need proper medical treatment. Let’s discuss the reason behind persistent back pain and when you need to worry about it.

Some worst possible causes of back pain

Spinal Infections: Any infection in the spine can be very painful. It can give you persistence pain 24 X 7. It only amplifies with movement and forces you to lay down. It can occur in the spinal canal, intervertebral disc, vertebral column, and soft tissues near the spine. Types of spinal infections are.

  • Discitis
  • Spinal subdural empyema
  • Vertebral osteomyelitis
  • Spinal cord abscess
  • Meningitis
  • Vertebral osteomyelitis

In such cases, contact a professional doctor immediately or the infection may get spread over time and make it a serious problem. Most spinal infections can be cured with medicine.

Ankylosing Spondylitis: Even though science hasn’t found any specific cause behind this disorder, people with the HLA-B27 gene greatly affected by this disease. This disease makes the spine less flexible, and give you back pain early in the morning. The pain also returns in cycles throughout the day. Other spondylitis/arthritis that may give trouble are.

  • Enteropathic arthritis
  • Axial spondyloarthritis

Regular exercise and physiotherapy from a chiropractor can greatly reduce the effect of this disease. A chiropractor, like the ones in Atlanta, can cure partial or total back pain. You can also manage the pain by using over-the-counter pain killers. However, due to the side effects of these medicines, it is not recommended to use them regularly. Because these medicines may have habitual properties and they can give you withdrawal syndrome if used for longer duration and higher dosage.

Abdominal Aneurysm: In this disease, the largest blood vessel in the body (Aorta) can rupture and cause life-threatening bleeding. It can happen suddenly without any previous indication. High level of blood pressure and persistence back pain is the only early symptoms of this disease. A doctor may conduct MRI and USG tests to diagnose this disease. In such cases, surgery is the only treatment that can give you definitive results.

Cauda Equina Syndrome: This disease occurs when nerves get compressed in the last part of the spinal cord. Any tumor in the lower back abdominal can cause this disease. The patient may experience constant pinching sensation throughout the day. It can cause urination obstruction, fecal incontinence, and less strength in the lower part of the body. This disease can occur from ruptured discs, virus infection, or cancer.

The treatment of this disease may vary according to the cause of this disease. If it occurs from virus infection, the doctor may prescribe you antibiotics. For ruptured discs, the doctor may suggest surgery to reduce pressure on the nerve. For the cases of cancer, the patient may need radiation or chemotherapy after surgery.

Kidney Stone: If the location of back pain changes frequently and it often comes and goes in waves, then it might be a sign of kidney stone. The back pain starts when small-sized stone(s) originated in the kidney and moves into the narrow ureter. The uneven surface of these stones scratch the surface of the ureter and cause enormous pain.

For problems related to kidney stones, the doctor may conduct USG for diagnosis. A small kidney stone can be removed with medicines. The chemicals of these medicines can dissolve it in the bloodstream or remove it via urine. But for large kidney stones, surgery is the only option.

Appendicitis: The appendix is an unnecessary part of the human body. In most of us, this part remains inactive from birth to death. But when it got enlarge due to unknown reasons, it causes severe lower abdominal and back pain. Besides the pain, it may also cause fever, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and other symptoms. If it remains untreated, it can be life-threatening over time.

A doctor may suggest barium Xray & USG for diagnosis. According to various medical journals, surgical removal of the appendix is the best option for the treatment of appendicitis.

There can be other diseases that can cause back pain. Make sure to talk to a licensed doctor or a chiropractor if you experience back pain for a prolonged period. A persistence back pain can be an early sign of other severe medical conditions. If it remains untreated it can cause serious life-threatening issues.

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